AdventureLink Launches Travel Booking System

Los Angeles-based AdventureLink, a developer of an online marketplace for adventure travel and tours, said Friday that it is officially launching its services to travel agencies next week. The firm--which has been running its service in test since last year--said the firm's platform will be available on VAX VacationAccess, a system which is used by travel agents to research and book custom vacations. AdventureLink's site includes photo safaries, dog sledding, extreme skiing, and other adventure sports packages, and is geared towards raising the visibility of small, independent tour operators, who previously haven't been able to easily reach travel agents. The firm said it will also be rolling out AdventureLink to Travelocity and other major online travel agencies, but did not give a timeline for deployment. AdventureLink's founder and CEO is Kelly Tompkins, who was founder of LeisureLink and co-founder of Canadian travel site; he has also served at SABRE, Expedia, and GetThere.


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