Apmetrix Takes On Videogame Analytics

A new, San Diego-based startup, Apmetrix, said yesterday that it has launched a new, software-development kit aimed at providing analytics to videogame developers. Apmetrix said it is developing a real-time, game analytics platform aimed at Android, iOS, and Windows, and eventually consoles. The new startup said it is backed by Analytics Ventures. Financial details of that investment were not disclosed.

Apmetrix said that it is advised by Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari), Brian Fargo (founder of Interplay), and Mark Skaggs (creator of Farmville, SVP at Zynga). The startup said it is developing the "fastest, most customizable, real-time analytics platform" for video games. The firm is headed by Lee Jacobson. The firm's financial backer, Analytics Ventures, is headed by Blaise Barrelet, one of the co-founders of WebSideStory.


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