Catchpoint: Amazon Down For 3 Hours

Los Angeles-based Catchpoint, a new web monitoring service headed by former DoubleClick executive Mehdi Daoudi, reports that yesterday's downtime of e-commerce site lasted for three hours. The firm--which provides uptime monitoring and testing of web and e-commerce sites--said its service detected anomalies at the Amazon site starting at 3 PM EST, lasting until 8 PM EST, with high response time and availability between 5 PM EST and 8 PM EST. Amazon has yet to release any details on what happened to its site yesterday. Catchpoint provides an online service which uses 26, distributed monitoring stations in the U.S. to monitor web sites for customers. The firm's four founders are all previously from DoubleClick, with Daodi most recently in charge of DoubleClick's Quality of Services group. Catchpoint speculated, based on Amazon's quarterly revenues, that the downtime could have cost the e-commerce site as much as $9M in revenues, or $55,000 a minute.