Citysourced Links With Microsoft, Eyes Award

Los Angeles-based CitySourced, the developer of a mobile tool for helping involve citizens in local government headed by Jason Kiesel and Kurt Daradics, has linked up with Microsoft and its Windows Azure platform, the firms said Tuesday. CitySourced is an angel-funded firm which develops a smart phone application which allows citizens to report potholes, graffiti, and other issues directly to local governments. The firm is using Microsoft Windows Azure for its application infrastructure. In unrelated news, CitySourced also said it has also been nominated to the World Economic Forum Davos Pioneer 2011 awards, an effort to spotlight companies developing technology with long term impact on business and society. Daradics is well known for his organization of the MOTM and Digital Family Reunion events in the Los Angeles area. CitySourced has received angel funding from Dale Okuno, most recently the founder of E-Z Data.