Demand Media's Rosenblatt On IPO, Exits

Richard Rosenblatt, the CEO of Los Angeles-based Demand Media said today at the Twiistup conference in Los Angeles, that he sees an IPO as a possible opportunity for the firm. Rosenblatt, who confirmed the firm has revenues of around $200M and is profitable, responded to a question from GigaOm's Om Malik on a panel saying that the firm is definitely thinking about an exit at some point. Rosenblatt had suggested earlier this year at the Web 2.0 conference the firm was looking at exit options. Rosenblatt explained that the firm's decision to go for an IPO depends on the firm's board of directors and the market, but said that having raised $355M in funding, the firm is thinking about some kind of exit at some time. Rosenblatt further explained that the options are to sell the company--which he doesn't want to do--or to go public.