DogVacay Awards College Scholarship

Los Angeles-based pet sitting marketplace DogVacay has announced its first, DogVacay Scholarship, a $3500 award which was open to any, entrepreneurial student either entering as a freshman to college in the Fall of 2016, or a student currently enrolled at a university. DogVacay said it awarded its first scholarship to Dusty Lynn Shipley, 19, of Arlington, TX, for her idea of an underground water detection system that would use soil-moisture levels to regulate sprinklers and save water. The scholarship also includes a conference call with DogVacay CEO Aaron Hirschhorn--who, aside from his experience starting DogVacay, previously spent his days vetting startup ideas as a venture capitalist. Hirschhorn spent time in venture capital at Monitor Ventures and GRP Partners (which is now Upfront Ventures), before he switched over to becoming a startup CEO. The company says it plans on another scholarship competition next year.