Esri Opens Office In Dubai

Redlands-based mapping software maker Esri said yesterday that it has opened up a new, international office in Dubai. Esri said the new office will support its distributors and users in the Middle East and Africa. Esri is a maker of GIS (geographical information system) software, used to overlay geographical information and data onto maps. The firm's lead product, ArcGIS, has a dominant position in the GIS market. Esri said its clients in the Middle East include the Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Bayanat, Abu Dhabi Police, the Bahrain Central Informatics Organization, the Qatar Centre for Geographic Information Systems, the Qatar Ministry of the Interior (MOI), the Bahrain Ministry of the Interior, Saudi Aramco, the National Water Company in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Electricity Company, and the Kuwait Oil Company.