Esri Wins Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Redlands-based GIS software maker Esri said on Thursday that it has been selected by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), to help support that lab's users. According to Esri, the deal with ORNL gives the lab's users access to spatial analysis tools in the ArcGIS platform. Financial impact of the deal were not announced. Esri said the deal is the first, major enterprise agreement between the company and a Department of Energy (DOE) laboratory. Oak Ridge National Laboratory provides support for basic research in the physical sciences; the lab has more than 4,559 staff and provides research services in the area of everything from biofuels and energy efficiency to supercomputing and advanced materials, not to mention projects with significant national security implications. ORNL was originally established as part of the Manhattan Project, helping to develop the United States' first nuclear weapon. The lab also was the developer of the technology used in the U.S. Navy's nuclear-powered submarines and ships.