Fullscreen, FishBowl Tie On America's Funniest Home Videos

Two local, next generation media companies--Youtube network Fullscreen, and production studio FishBowl Worldwide Media--said today that they've linked up in a deal to bring the America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV) brand to YouTube. The two said that they are in a multi-year, strategic deal where FishBowl will oversee the YouTube channel for AFV. The companies said the move will help create a younger demographic to the AFV brand and keep the brand fresh for a new generation of fans.

Financial details of the link were not announced, however, the deal is representative of the increasingly merger of the traditional world of television broadcast, cable, and TV screens with the world of YouTube and online video. America's Funniest Home Videos was to television what YouTube's funny cat videos is to the Internet--a home for boy-wasn't-that-stupid video clips; funny what-is-that-cat-doing videos; and the ouch-that-really-hurts outtakes. FishBowl was founded by Vin Di Bona and Bruce Gersh, two entertainment industry veterans; Fullscreen, headed by YouTube's former George Strompolos, recently announced funding from The Chernin Group, Comcast Ventures and WPP.