Getty Gets Google Goggles

Those visitors you see wandering around the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles with their smartphones? They might not checking Facebook or surfing the web--they might be just be getting a smart phone tour of the art. Google said Monday afternoon that the museum has just gone high tech with its displays, with a new link to Google's "Google Goggles" mobile app. According to Google, its app now allows users to take a photo of any of the paintings in the Getty's permanent collection, and instantly access more information the art. Google said that the app will allow visitors to read and hear commentary from artists, curators, conservators and others, access interactive content, and more. Google Goggles is available on Android and iOS devices. Google Goggles is Google's mobile phone app which allows users to take pictures of objects, such as landmarks, books, wine, logos, and more, and pull up more information on those objects.