GoodThreads Ties With Online Fundraising Software Firm

Los Angeles-based GoodThreads, the newly minted startup providing personalized T-shirt and merchandise for nonprofits, announced today with online fundraising software vendor FirstGiving, that the two have partnered on personalized merchandise. GoodThreads--started by Brandon Hance, the entrepreneur behind AudioLife--said the two will use their technology to offer up personalized merchandise to supports for events and fundraisers.

GoodThreads was started by Hance, after seeing the popularity of personalized merchandise at nonprofit walks and events, but seeing that nonprofits were not benefiting from those T-shirts. Terms of the partnership were not disclosed. GoodThreads' site allows nonprofit supports to create their own, personal T-shirts, hats, bags, water bottles, and other merchandise, while also supporting the nonprofit. The firm has been working on integrating its service with registration and nonprofit software firms.