Hulu Approaching 1M Hulu Plus Subscribers

Los Angeles-based Hulu, the online video streaming site headed by Jason Kilar, released some detailed subscriber numbers Wednesday, as the firm continued to be . According to the firm, it is approaching 1 million paying subscribers to its Hulu Plus service, expecting that it will cross the 1M number before the end of the summer. The firm reported 875,000 paid Hulu Plus subscribers as of June 2011, up from less than 250,000 six months ago, in December of 2010. Hulu--which is apparently shopping itself around to bidders--also revealed that it is paying back approximately $8 per subscriber per month to content providers from its efforts at Hulu Plus; the service itself actually only costs $7.99 per month, with the remainder of the payout to content providers coming from advertising revenue. Kilar said Hulu is "on pace to approach" half a billion in revenues in 2011.