Insights and Opinions: Angel and Venture Capital Shareholder Liquidity

For today's Insights and Opinions section, where we feature insights and analysis from the local technology community, we have an article from Jeff Cohn, an entrepreneur and veteran of the angel and VC investment community here in Southern California. Jeff gives his insights into what the recent surge in technology IPOs and exits means for Southern California. Jeff is the founder of crowd-sourcing location based mapping services web sites and

It has been a long 10 year drought of no IPOs and sub par M&A activity that has stifled the startup, venture capital and angel investment community throughout the US. Finally it appears that the public markets are starting to look for new investment opportunities and are welcoming fresh new companies into the public stock trading world. Skype, Green Dot (Tech Coast Angels get 110X return), Tesla Motors, Demand Media, Linked In, Zynga, Glam Media, Gilt Groupe and Yelp all have very disruptive business models. All of these companies have been courted for M&A opportunities by existing public companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, Research in Motion, Nokia to be purchased. However (More...)

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