Insights and Opinions: Building a Team to WIN!

Story by Nick Hulse


Today, for our community-contributed article in our Insights and Opinions section, we have Building a Team to WIN!, from Rubicon Project CRO Nick Hulse. Nick talks aout the best way to build a customer facing team. Rubicon Project is based in Santa Monica.

One of the keys to any successful business venture is the ability to keep, attract and retain a team that few in your industry can compete with. Experience, chemistry, energy, and passion are all important aspects to watch for when building a team like this. But before you get too caught up in these qualities, be sure to visit your customer base and understand them completely. If you want to earn their business you better build a customer facing team that understands them and ideally some parts of the team should have done the role your customers are in now.

Mirror Your Customers:

I canít stress how important it is to not only know the products and services you are selling but more importantly how your customers will use them in their environments. This often adds that dimension of differentiation that many overlook when building teams that few can compete with. Big resumes and industry leaders are often critical elements to a well- rounded team but be sure to have balance by mixing outside knowledge with inside veterans which can have great momentum if done properly. (More...)

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