Insights and Opinions: Returns from Southern California IT IPO's 1995-2009

For our latest Insights and Opinions column, we have the second part of Jon Funk's analysis of the return on Southern California IT startups, and how they have created value for investors. Funk has been an early stage venture capitalist at Allegis Capital, and was an investor in Sandpiper Networks, and Shopzilla.

Earlier this year, profiled a study of the financial outcomes of 700+ southern California IT startups from 1995-2009, and how they have created value for investors. In the study, we profiled the outcomes of southern California IT IPO's from 1995-1998, and described a simple arithmetic proxy to approximate the eventual potential return to pre-IPO shareholders, including venture capital firms. The latest Insights and Opinions column is the second in the series and looks at the same category of IPO's for the period 1999-2000.

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