Insights and Opinions: Why Silicon Beach Is Flourishing

Story by Ron McElroy


For our Insights and Opinions section this morning, we have a contribution from Ron McElroy, the CEO and founder of Real Office Centers, which has rapidly become of the gathering places for the growing Silicon Beach startup community.

Silicon Beach, as the white-hot start up market in Santa Monica is referred to, is exploding with activity. Albeit the second fiddle to its well known uncle up north, Silicon Valley with a number of high-tech success stories to lay claim such as Google, Paypal, and Logitech, the Silicon Beach market is a fervor of action from all sides of the start up equation. Several components that make up and set the stage for a vibrant start up market to develop have to be present and strong, sort of like a perfect storm! Talent, Capital, Education and acceptance of the alternative are all conditions that have to exist and surge together in order to foster a dynamic start up environment.

Is this happening in Silicon Beach? (Continued...)

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