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Insights & Opinions: Frank Peters, Screening For Success

Today's insights & opinion column comes from Frank Peters, Chairman Emeritus of the Tech Coast Angels, and podcaster at the Frank Peters Show ( Frank takes a look at the angel investing process, and thinks about how to make it better:

    There must be a better way. I've been an angel investor for more than 10 years now; clobbered by the Internet Bubble and now this. If I claimed I'd lost 40% of my net worth no one would be surprised, I'd be in good company. To heck with giving back and doing the right thing! If I'm such a smart guy why can't I make any money at angel investing? I suspect there are fundamental problems with the way I've been going about it. Pain to this degree is motivating; I'm ready to rethink my approach. Sacred cows are too expensive; I'm taking a fresh look at the successes and failures in my early stage portfolio.





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