iSideWith Uses Your Political Beliefs To Filter News

If you're a political news junkie, what's the best way to get to the news that will most interest you? Los Angeles-based iSideWith, the online site which lets users input their various political beliefs to figure out what parties and candidates they most agree with, has just debuted a new service to help users filter through all of the political news out there--driven by the user's own political beliefs. The firm said it has launched a new, personalized news feed service, which takes into account a user's politics to present articles.

iSideWith's new service doesn't just present news based on party affiliation, the new service actually analyzes both the topic of an article, and the various data points on a user's political beliefs. The firm said it determined--after providing its service for the last election--that users were not showing up as strict Republicans or Democrats, but with a mix of opinions on different issues. iSideWith said that the news filter can take into account such positions as a user who is pro-life, but liberal on welfare, and present articles recommended by other users who are conservative on abortion and liberal on social programs.

iSideWith was built by Taylor Peck and Nick Boutelier, who originally built the service to help users figure out their political views, and to find candidates who agree with them most.


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