Robertson Launches Mobile Music Search Site

Former founder Michael Robertson has launched a new, mobile music web site called TuneRoom, Robertson announced Monday, which will help mobile phone users search and find MP files for their cell phones. The new WAP site allows users to search for music tracks, and can automatically send MP3 tracks wirelessly to a cell phone. According to Robertson, you can brose TuneRoom from a PC or mobile phone, and select songs which will be sent wireless to your mobile phone; the site lists more than 150,000 songs, which are available for free from the site. The new TuneRoom site uses Robertson's Sideload, which is a service of his MP3Tunes site which helps find MP3 files on the internet. Sideload is the target of a lawsuit from EMI over the firm's enabling the trading of copyrighted music tracks; a quick search of TuneRoom appears to list numerous copyrighted MP3 titles available for loading via the site.