SharesPost: Sales In Escrow, New Research

Santa Monica-based SharesPost, which has created on online marketplace for sellers and buyers of private company stock, reported to its users late Friday that the firm now has sales of LinkedIn, Linden Lab, Tesla Motors, and SugarCRM going into escrow. The firm--which launched in early June--also said that that it now has offers to sell Facebook, Tesla, XDx, eHarmony, and LindenLab shares, as the firm's marketplace starts to gear up. The firm also bolstered its research, posting reports on all of those firms, and also reported that it had over 4,000 users sign up in its first two weeks. SharesPost, headed by Greg Brogger and incubated by Brighthouse, is looking to create a Web 2.0-enabled secondary marketplace for shares in private companies, and particularly venture-backed, technology firms. Brighthouse is a technology incubator headed by both Brogger and Scott Painter, who also co-founded Zag and CarsDirect.