Tech Coast Angels Founder Villalobos Passes Away

Luis Villalobos, the founder of the Tech Coast Angels, the largest and arguably the most influential angel group in Southern California, has passed away. Villalobos was 72, and had been in the intensive care unit at St. Joseph's in Orange for treatment of a lung infection. Villalobos was instrumental in creating the Tech Coast Angels, which has been one of the most active groups in both investing, as well as mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs across Southern California. "His passing represents an important loss to angels and entrepreneurs," John Morris, of the Tech Coast Angels, said this morning, echoing the sentiments of a number of other angel investors and entrepreneurs. According to Frank Peters, a TCA member and podcaster, Tech Coast Angels Richard Sudek broke the news to members last night. Villalobos was also a founding board member of the Angel Capital Association, and very active in helping angel investment groups and entrepreneurs.


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