TeleSign Comes Out Of The Shadows With Tinder Spambot Success

Los Angeles-based two-factor, phone authentication provider TeleSign has long worked in the shadows, helping to prevent fraudulent logins for a large chunk of the top, Internet and web services. However, for years, it hasn't been able to talk about the work it does with its technology. Now, however, it looks like another local company, Tinder, is helping TeleSign to get the word out about its success. Tinder disclosed today that its use of TeleSign's two factor authentication has reduced spambots on the popular dating app service by 90 percent, since they partnered last year. TeleSign uses a vast database of phone numbers to attempt to identify those most likely to be spam bots, and uses phone verification and texts to require users to create an account. TeleSign offers up its services across international borders and worldwide, and most likely powered the text-messaging or phone challenge you might have used on many, popular web services.