X1 Discovery Hits The Cloud

Pasadena-based X1 Discovery, the electronic discovery offshoot of X1 and Idealab, reported Tuesday that it has launched a fully cloud-deployable version of its software. The firm said the new X1 Rapid Discovery search product can be deployed anywhere in the cloud "within minutes", including deploying through Amazon Web Services. X1 Discovery said the new product, X1RD, is a "sister product" to the firm's more traditional, software installed X1 Social Discovery application. In a blog post, X1 said that the update was not just another company "re-branding the company’s software as cloud" but is actually fully deployable and accepted as a part of the Amazon AWS ISV program. X1 Discovery's software is used to meet legal discovery and investigation requirements. X1 spun out X1 Discovery in October of last year, to better focus on the requirements of its electronic discovery customers.