Zag Targets Insurers With Auto Buying Program

Santa Monica-based Zag, the auto-buying software firm headed by Scott Painter, said today that it has launched a new auto buying program specifically targeted at auto insurers. The firm said its new Total Loss Auto Buying Program is targeted at helping total loss sufferers replace their cars, and will be offered as an insurer-branded website and dedicated toll-free phone number. Zag said it will offer the program at no cost to insurers or program users. The program will include access to both new and used vehicles. Zag also said it will soon be announcing a strategic partnership in the future with a "key enabler" in the auto claims industry around the auto buying program. Zag's auto buying tools are used to configure and price cars for auto buying programs, such as those run by USAA, the AAA auto clubs, Overstock, and others.


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