Demand Media Connects Users To Experts Via eHow Now

Wish you could find an expert to help you across any part of your life? Santa Monica-based Demand Media said this morning that it has launched a brand new effort on eHow, which will connect users with experts in one-on-one, online consultations. Demand Media said its new service, eHow Now, will let customers chat directly with experts online, across all kinds of categories, including technology, finance, fashion, and home decor. The new service will be available via a subscription package, as well as on a per-question basis.

According to Demand Media, the new service includes more than 6 categories, and will provide users with real-time access via online chat or email response. eHow said questions will be answered for an average of $19.99 per question, with an unlimited plan where users can pay $9.99 a month for accessing experts on its new service. The company said the range of questions will range from practical areas like auto questions, technology, and finance, to things like gardening, fashion, and style.

Demand Media said the new service will be part of its subscription businesses, which also includes Stronger (online exercise and fitness) and Creativebug (online video classes for art and crafts).


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