Klout Dangles Free Volt Loan To LA Residents

In a marketing campaign to get people drivin the Chevrolet Volt, online "influencer" site Klout said yesterday that it has kicked off a campaign which will give influential social media users a free, three day loan on a Volt. According to Chevrolet and Klout, it is giving users with a Klout score of 50 or better, living within 30 miles of Los Angeles and several other major cities access to a three day loan on the Volt. Los Angeles residents will have access to the program from April through September. Other cities involved in the promotion include Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and Portland. Klout's online service rates users on their "social influence", giving them a rating of between 1 and 100, and rewards influential social users with "perks" from marketers--ranging from free products, airplane flights, and other rewards.