Insights and Opinions: New Grads, Save Yourself and Start A Company

What do you do if you're a new grad, and are still finding it tough to find a job in technology? Frank Peters, angel investor and podcaster at the Frank Peters Show, says: start your own company, in the latest article in our Insights and Opinions section.

"Is it still hard to find a job?"

Professor Mike McCarthy politely answered, yes it is, very difficult; before I started shooting my mouth off I wanted to confirm my assumptions. I was the first to ask a question at last night's UCI School of Engineering Career Night.  This pre-event audience was made up of alumni and special guests who would soon be mingling with the about-to-be graduates, coaching them on networking and other magic tricks related to finding a job.

The next question came with a barb, the recruiter from Boeing wanted to share that they're looking for candidates with more programming experience than he was seeing in this mix. Then a student complained that the curriculum he dutifully followed left him poorly suited for the kinds of jobs that were available. The genie was out of the bottle.

Not news to the several professors surrounding Mike at the podium, but I could sense immediately that the School had been relying on big engineering companies to hire their graduates and everything I hear is that big companies are shedding jobs. (More...)

Read the rest of Frank's piece, Grads: Save Yourself, Start A Company.


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